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Guidance on How to Grow and Maintain OG Bounce Mushrooms

One of the most beautiful mushrooms, as compared to other varieties, include bounce mushrooms that any person can cherish to have in a reef tank. They have also got a variety of colors that anyone can acquire depending on the choice of an individual. They are a kind of mushroom variety that can bring an amazing look in your reef tank and you can be overwhelmed about how they bloom from the substrate. Bounce mushrooms is a variety that doesn't need a lot of attention taking care of it now and then, but it is a type that only needs to stay still on the substrate and enjoy it as it bubbles out of the substrate.

When you purchase your favorite bounce mushroom at, you need to sow it direct to the bottom of reef tank at a range PAR light parameter of between seventy-five to a hundred. That is because, under too much light condition, bounce mushroom can get bleached easily or can even get damaged and killed easily. Therefore, it is prudent keeping or growing bounce mushrooms under the required light intensity to make them have easy growth and flourish in the best way possible. You should not also make the substrate so sharp.

Basic maintenance of the reef tank and stability will only be adequate for bounce mushroom at to do well and they do not require a lot of care and maintenance. Bounce mushrooms do not special supplements like other types of mushrooms such as Rhodactis variety but their feeding needs are simple and easy. That is because you will find that the Rhodactis is photosynthetic and would require special treatment while bounce mushrooms are not.

Just like any other variety of mushrooms, bounce variety can survive in any kind of the environment without getting problems and can be able to withstand an environment full of nitrate, ammonia, and phosphates. Besides flourishing better in an environment containing optimal conditions, they can do better in an environment that has a higher level of nutrients especially in the reef tanks. They are a kind of varieties of mushroom that you can enjoy watching as they grow since they only need placing them at the bottom of tanks, sit and enjoy as they bloom. Learn more about aquariums at

When bounce mushroom is not disturbed they can simply increase in number through budding since it is their mode of reproduction. In the case you have a passion to acquire some of the best type, the right size, and the color of your choice, then, you need to search for the best dealer that can offer you the best to grow them in your reef tank.

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